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House Collapse in West Baltimore

According to Oscar Jiminez from WBAL, a vacant house partially collapsed in the 1900 block of Edmondson Avenue this morning injuring two people and also sent debris into the sidewalk and onto the road. Thankfully nobody was killed, unlike this incident in March.

The house, 1925 Edmondson Avenue, was owned by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, and is part of the Vacants to Value program, touted by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake as an “innovative” program that was supposed to “to get Baltimore’s vacant and abandoned properties cleaned up and redeveloped more quickly, more efficiently, and more economically”.

1923 Edmondson Avenue, on the right. Note the absence of a roof.
1921 and 1923 Edmondson Avenue. Note the absence of a roof on 1923. Both homes are City-owned. (Image from Google Street View)

While V2V may have seemed like a good idea, we maintain the program is not operating as intended, as many of the purchasers of V2V homes are speculators. In fact, one of the largest purchasers of V2V homes is someone we’ve written about several times — an attorney who was disbarred (and subsequently reinstated) for bid-rigging at Baltimore’s municipal auctions, both under his own name and his LLC, “Land Research Associates”.


Collapsed Vacant Kills Man in Parked Car

WBAL and other news outlets are reporting that a vacant home collapsed on top of a parked car earlier today in the 900 block of N Payson Street. The man who was in the car was died after being pulled out, according to WBAL.

The house, 900 N Payson Street, is listed as being owned by a Eugene D. Boykins of the same address. However, Mr. Boykins died in 1999. Two shell companies used by disbarred attorneys John Reiff, Anthony DeLaurentis, and John Reid purchased the tax lien on the property, and a judgement foreclosing right of redemption was issued in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City on February 6, 2013.

Despite being disbarred for illegally rigging bids at municipal property auctions, the attorneys are still able to purchase property through the city’s Vacants to Value, and through city tax sales.

900 N Payson Street, before it collapsed
900 N Payson Street, before it collapsed
900 N Payson Street, side view
900 N Payson Street, side view

Of course the home could have been sold since the attorneys took possession, but when deeds are not properly recorded, not only do the state and city lose the recording fees and transfer taxes, owners of blighted property are able to remain in the shadows and therefore escape any accountability when things go wrong with their properties.

Update: In case you don’t read the comments under each blog post, John Reiff and Anthony Delaurentis were both reinstated to the Maryland Bar by the Court of Appeals on March 25 of this year.

Update: 912 S Carey Street

This home has been vacant for many years, and it was originally added to the blog in 2009.  Unfortunately, no action was taken and the house continued on its decline. It was purchased by Money Line Mortgage, LLC (717 N Union Street, Unit 111, Wilmington, DE 19085) in 2013.

Earlier this year, someone was sent to work on the home and clean it out, presumably to get it ready for sale. However, the company never bothered to pull any permits for the work, never got a dumpster for the trash they cleaned out, and left a 6-foot high trash heap in the rear of the home. As of yesterday, the roof and part of the rear wall have collapsed, and most of the trash heap remains.

912 S Carey Street, September 2015
912 S Carey Street, September 2015
912 S Carey Street, October 2015
912 S Carey Street, October 2015
912 S Carey Street roof and partial rear wall collapse
912 S Carey Street roof and partial rear wall collapse, October 2015

Update: 2108 Mount Royal Terrace

Baltimore Housing filed for receivership of this property, and the first court date is July 24th.  I urge all residents who live near this property to be present and be heard at this hearing.  We cannot allow property owners to create hazards in our communities.

Here’s another photo of the property, courtesy of Reader AF:

2108 Mount Royal Terrace
2108 Mount Royal Terrace

You can read the original post about the property and partial collapse here.

Building With Ties to Phony Baltimore County CPA Collapses

A building at the corner of Eastern Avenue and Broadway in Fells Point collapsed this morning, causing Eastern Avenue to be closed in both directions.

The building, 500 South Broadway, is currently owned by 504 South Broadway, LLC.  The registered agent for 504 South Broadway, LLC is Patrick Curran, of 11433 Pulaski Highway in White Marsh.

In 2003, the Maryland DLLR fined Curran for “holding himself out as a licensed CPA”, when in fact his license had expired in 1992.  According to a 2009 District Court case (5C00309671), it looks as though he’s still posing as a CPA, despite his failure to obtain a license.

We hope the City looks into Mr. Curran’s business practices and investigates the collapse of this building.