We received an email from Gina Gargeu, one of the owners of 1110 Carroll Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.  We originally added this property to the blog in January, and we went back twice between January 18 and February 1 to check on it, and nothing had changed.  According to Ms. Gargeu’s email, the property had been cleaned up and she wanted us to remove the original photos:

It was brought to my attention that I was listed as a “slumlord” because I own a vacant home at 1110 Carroll Street.   To set the record straight, my tenant of several years moved out last spring and left the home a mess.  The trash shown in the rear yard was dumped in my yard by the contractors working on  the home next door.  They used my rear yard as a dumping ground.  The home is cleaned now up and on the market for rent.  Please remove the old photos of my home as it has not looked that way in a long time and I am far from a slumlord.
Gina Gargeu

Our response to Ms. Gargeu:

Ms. Gargeu,

Unfortunately your house looked the same when we checked about a week or so ago.  We will go by at some point and look at it again, and if anything is changed, we will post an update.  The original post, however, will remain.

Thank you,


To be fair, as of today, we were able to verify that the trash was removed.  However, the back door and window is still boarded up, and the holes in the siding and chase cover still remain.  There are still weeds in the rear yard, and there is still no fence.  The only improvement we could see was the removal of the trash.  (See photos below).

1110 Carroll Street, January 2009
1110 Carroll Street, January 18, 2009
1110 Carroll Street, February 8, 2009
1110 Carroll Street, February 8, 2009

In the spirit of Baltimore Slumlord Watch, we have presented you with the information, and you can draw your own conclusions.

4 thoughts to “1110 Carroll Street, Revisited

  • citythatbreeds

    truly incredible. keep it up!!!!

    • slumlordwatch

      You make us blush with all this praise.

  • your boy

    If this place is truly on the market for rent, I would love to see the rent listing for this property.

    • slumlordwatch

      We’d like to see it, too. I can’t imagine what they’d be able to say about the property, especially the rear yard.

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