…and all legal hell breaks loose, according to court records.

Disgraced pastor Kevin Pushia, accused of hiring someone to kill a blind and disabled man with church funds, is also involved in a legal tussle with Baltimore’s most notorious drug kingpin and Baltimore’s most notorious slumlord, according to court records.  In 2007, Pushia filed suit (Foreclosure Rights of Redemption) in Baltimore City Circuit Court against nine corporations owned by Stanley Rochkind, and one owned by Milton Tillman.  Rochkind and Tillman are no strangers to the court system, as Rochkind has been involved in 400+ lawsuits in Baltimore City — all of them centered around his substandard and dilapidated properties.  He also paid stiff fines for multiple lead paint violations found by the Maryland Department of the Environment.  Mr. Tillman’s drug activities have been well documented not only in the courts, but by the Baltimore City Paper as well.

The property in question, 2634 McElderry Street, is currently owned by a Tillman-controlled corporation — M&S Associates, Inc.  It was sold to Tillman by N.B.S. Inc., a Rochkind-controlled company.  The other Rochkind-controlled companies named in the lawsuit are:  JAM #6 Corporation, JAM #7 Corporation, JAM 23 Corporation, JAM 26 Corporation, Best Investment, Inc., KGB #16 Corporation, Uptown Realty Corporation, and Dana #5 Corporation.  Also named in the lawsuit are the City of Baltimore, Director of Finance and The Mayor and City Council.

The property is located in City Council District 13.