Notorious Los Angeles slumlord Mike Schaefer is running for the office of Baltimore City Sheriff.  A perennial candidate for many political offices, including US Senate, Schaefer is a slumlord who was jailed in 1982 for failing to make repairs to a downtown Los Angeles building.  He is also the treasurer of Nevada-Schaefer, Inc., the former owner of 1504-1528 Brentwood in Baltimore City, a blighted block we wrote about in March of 2009 (sold in 2005).

In addition to being a slumlord, Schaefer is a former lawyer who was disbarred in Nevada and California.

The City Paper ran an article in 2007 on mayoral candidates, Mike Schaefer has an…interesting photo (scroll down).  Thanks to reader “Rusty” for sending the link.

Folks, I don’t know about you, but this isn’t someone I’d want in a position of even the lowest level of power in our city.


As if it wasn’t bad enough that the guy is a slumlord, he also has quite the interesting criminal record in Baltimore.  Here are 2010’s highlights:

  • Failure to Comply with a Peace Order (January 2010)
  • 2nd Degree Assault (March 2010)
  • 2nd Degree Assault and False Imprisonment (August 2010)