As this project moves into its second year, I want to take a moment to thank the people who have helped to move things along.  First I’d like to thank our readers, this project wouldn’t be possible without you.  Your emails and comments are amazing — keep ’em coming!  You’re engaged, you’re smart, and you’re fiercely passionate about this city and its potential.  You are an inspiration — thank you so very much.

I’d also like to thank our journalist friends, who have given their support and encouragement — this project wouldn’t have gotten the kick in the pants it needed without the Baltimore Sun and the Baltimore City Paper.  Thank you!

And a special thanks to readers MG, LH, and Pete from Highlandtown — wow.  Let me know if you ever decide to run for mayor.  You’re amazing.

To our “slumlordwatchers” in other cities — never stop what you’re doing, until you’ve reached a point where your projects have written themselves out of existence.  Again, you inspire and encourage me to keep going during those moments where I wonder why the hell I’m doing this.  I wish we didn’t have to exist, but since we do — I’m glad we’re in this together.

So where do we go from here?  For now I’m going to concentrate on more properties, more ideas for ridding the city of blight and the slumlords that contribute to it.  There are some interesting laws being passed in other states, and we’ll never stop pushing the Split Rate Property Tax until it passes.  I definitely want to hear from you — where would you like this project to go?  Are there other issues we should look at?  What am I doing right, and what needs improvement?  No idea is too small or too difficult to execute — collaborative effort is what makes this project work, so feel free to chime in.

So again, thank you.  And here’s to another fantastic year — here’s to making a difference.


Your Editor