Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!

I woke up this morning, excited to be with both of my children on Christmas Eve, along with my future son-in-law.  I’m sitting on a couch right now, in a beautiful old stone home in a lovely suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, back from the local coffeehouse, a large cup of dark roast by my side — happy as a clam.

The past year has been a rough one, for many people, including me.  But as I sit here sipping my coffee, writing this post, I am reminded of all the good in the world.  I am reminded of how things, no matter how bleak they may seem on the outside, always seem to work out for the best.

I am so very lucky to have been able to start this project, and have it continue for four years — with no sign of stopping.  Things are about to get bigger and better, and my goal is to be able to help more people and make sustainable changes in Baltimore, a city I have finally started to call “home”.  Without you, my wonderful readers, this would not be possible — and for you, I am incredibly grateful.  Your support has seen  me through many a dark day.

Starting with this holiday season, a time of hope and joy, I wish you all the best — and it is my sincere hope that in 2013, the world treats you with nothing but kindness.


Carol Ott, Founder, Baltimore Slumlord Watch