The following Baltimore City property owners were held accountable for their failure to comply with Maryland’s lead abatement laws (read MDE press release here):

1.  Anthony Guy

2.  Jeffrey V. Vogel

3.  Gloria Foster

4.  Charlotte Brome

5.  Ronald F. Lee, Jr. and Geneva G. Lee

6.  Willco Management Holdings, LLC

7.  Richard Williams

These citations (from December 2008) are important, because lead paint is one of the leading causes of neurological damage among children in Baltimore City.  Contrary to a common myth, lead paint poisoning isn’t caused only by ingesting the paint chips.  It can also be caused by breathing in lead dust.  If you suspect your child has been exposed to lead paint, have him or her tested by a physician immediately.

Information for Parents on Lead Paint

Information for Property Owners on Lead Paint