From Dolan Media:

A Baltimore City jury has awarded a 23-year-old woman nearly $21 million in a lead paint verdict, finding the victim suffered the poisoning while living in an apartment owned and maintained by the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.

The jury’s Wednesday verdict — about $825,000 in economic damages and $20 million in non-economic damages — is one of the largest the victim’s attorney said he has ever seen. It will likely be reduced because of the state’s $350,000 cap on non-economic damages.

Attorney Brian Brown, who represented plaintiff Marie Carter, said this case shows that the state’s cap, recently upheld by the Court of Appeals, is unfair.

“The jury thought they were awarding my client a certain amount, and she won’t get it,” said Brown, an attorney with Saul E. Kerpelman & Associates PA.

According to a source, Marie Carter’s father was told by HABC they would not paint the home or give the family any paint to do it themselves until they had lived in the home for a period of three years.  The home, located in Cherry Hill, has since been demolished. You can read the full text of the article here.

We think the plaintiff in this case should receive the full award — especially when you consider the agency responsible is the same agency that is tasked with making sure our city’s housing stock is safe, and they failed miserably.