The mayor announced yesterday that BCFD Truck 10 will remain open until the end of the fiscal year.  While this is good news for the residents who so desperately need the services of this company, it should also be met with a bit of skepticism.

The mayor has repeatedly said the truck company closures were a result of needed better efficiency within BCFD, and not a financial issue — yet in her press release, she touts the money from the Grand Prix as the saving grace for T10, and doesn’t mention efficiency once.  It’s also interesting to note that “Pistol” Pete Welch, councilman for District 9 is cheering the mayor’s decision to keep T10 open — yet he was one of the City Council representatives who voted for the closures — despite telling residents and BCFD employees he would not vote for the closures.

Also, there’s the matter of how the closures were announced and how the decisions were made to close T10, T15, and Squad 11.  Jack Young, along with other City Council representatives and residents, has alleged the closures were done without proper input from the community.  There will be two hearings on October 10 to discuss the City’s fire company closures. It’s important for residents to still attend the hearings, or to contact your City Council representative — make sure your voice is heard, and make sure the Mayor and City Council understand that you will not tolerate a decrease in vital city services.  More transparency, and a fully-funded fire department are not negotiable.