Yesterday in Cleveland, a vacant home exploded, leaving 15 families homeless.  Natural gas is suspected as the cause of the explosion and resulting blaze, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Bill Calderwood, who lived next door to this home, was quoted as saying:

“I’ve been complaining to the city about this place ever since someone broke in the place in June and stole copper wiring and pipes,” Calderwood said. “In fact, I called the gas company Friday because I smelled gas — and now this.”

Sound familiar, folks?  Something else that might sound familiar:

The house was owned by a shell LLC — EZ Access Funding, LLC.  The company is represented by Marc Tow, a California lawyer who in September, was under investigation by the California State Bar for a housing loan modification scheme.  Tow was also sued in 2002 by the SEC for violations of the securities registration and anti-fraud  provisions of federal securities laws.  Tow is still an active member of the California State Bar.

Hopefully the Cleveland Plain Dealer will look further into Mr. Tow and his business dealings with EZ Access Funding, and put these slumlords out of business.

We hope they don’t come to Baltimore!