The dedicated folks who started the Columbus, Ohio slumlord watch group made their local news — you can watch the video and read the accompanying article here.  They’re also on Facebook — if you live in the area and want to support their efforts, you should get involved!

12 thoughts to “Columbus, Ohio Slumlord Watch Group Makes the News

  • kurt w

    I understand it’s needed.. But on the other hand where is the bad tenant watch? I was a landlord..was because I had tenants break things left and right. Had tenants leave their dogs in the basement and poop left down there. Had tenants try to sell every thing they could get their hands on even ceiling fans.. Had tenants move other tenants in even though lease strictly prohibited such and had moved in tenants/unauthorized occupants flip me the irf on my own property saying they werent going ot leave and police would do nothing.. Wait had tenants cover vents and freeze pipes and act as if it was my fault pipes froze..wait had tenants lots of them not clean roaches galore and who pays for spraying..Wait had doors kicked in windows shot through new carpet with roughly 13 ciggarette burns in it.. Had tenants leave 4 city trash cans worth of junk as they went back to homeless shelter..

    I am owed well over $25,000 in dead beat lousy tenants that wrote on walls, broke things, kicked holes in walls, and had to deal with a court system that for osme insane reason(logic I can not fahtom why) gave tenants even un authorized occupants more rights and power than the property owner/landlord.. I have yet to collect more than $30 since 2005..

    So don’t whine and complain for the tennants all the time, some times a landlord gets burnt out of giving people a lot better than they deserve or treat the rental unit..

    • slumlordwatch

      Nobody’s whining, except you. If you feel the need for a tenant watch blog, then perhaps you should start it.

    • Stanley Thornburgh

      As a member of the Colmbus, Ohio Slumlord and Community Activist, I have suggested a bad tenant watch but more along the lines of a database to be created for landlords to be able to access. Obviously this involves a cost, setup and maintenance and would most likely involve a membership fee, something like Angie’s List. Further the mission of our FaceBook page is to draw attention to the issue and to work with all parties involved to work on a solution. We all have a part in this process.

  • kim luck

    just wanted to find out where i can go to report finley properties of dublin ohio for being slumlords and renting me a trailor she didnt even own refusing to make any repairs. broken water pipes floors rooting and caving in windows that would not shut. cabinets rotting out and caving in due to water leak. structure damage, trailor not set properly on blocks under neath and is shifting.

    • slumlordwatch

      I would talk to the folks at the Columbus slumlord watch — I’m not in Ohio, so I don’t know your area. The folks in Columbus are really nice — if they can help you, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to do so.

    • Stanley Thornburgh

      Of course you may join the Colmbus, Ohio Slumlord Watch and become involved but to address your immediate concern I would contact your local code enforcement. I am not sure if Dublin has it’s own department or if you contact code enforcement for the City of Columbus, Columbus311 – 614-645-3111. You would need to confirm your address as to who has jurisdiction. I’m sure contacting either the City of Columbus or city services for the City of Dublin, Ohio will get you an answer.

  • Bethany Ross

    Expose Dave Fitzpatrick who owns over 180 properties.

  • sharon marsh

    How do you report slumlords and nasty tenants

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Here in Baltimore? Or in Columbus?

  • brittney

    I was supposed to rent a property from a man named Todd bradham. I gave this man 1900.00 and was never able to move into any of his properties. The properties he was going to rent me he has moved other people in. What should I do with this con-artist slumlord….he will not answer my calls he refuses to return my money. I am a single mother or three kids and when I talked to him he told me to call ABC 6 on your side! Really!!!! Please someone help!

  • Todd

    Complete lie!!! It turned out her sister stole the money..

    • slumlordwatch

      Would love to see a news article verifying this.

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