After a lengthy federal investigation, the Baltimore Sun reports that two men from Baltimore have been accused of conspiring to rig bids at Maryland tax lien auctions.

Mentioned in the Sun’s ground rent series from 2006, the men accused are Harvey M. Nusbaum, Jack Stollof, and Steven L. Berman.

In addition to the bid rigging scheme, all three men have a history of lead paint and foreclosure lawsuits, with Mr. Nusbaum currently being sued by the Mayor and City Council, and Mr. Berman being the subject of five active lead paint lawsuits.

Update:  You can find the original US DOJ announcement here.  If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the US Department of Justice.

5 thoughts to “Federal Investigation: Tax Lien Bid-Rigging By Slumlords

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  • Homar Marchebout-García de la Cadena

    You are lucky enough to live in a place where the authorities are honest and do their job. Carlstadt, NJ corrupt public officials robbed my partner and me of our house through a rigged tax sale, and on tax debt that their collector could not even prove existed… The official audits for the years claimed by the municipality as “delinquent” deny the existence of any debt in our RE tax account. Our own RE tax account records, which would prove decisively whether we were actually in arrears or current with our tax payments are being concealed by the town, despite subpoenas and OPRA requests from us for their production.

    There is even sworn, undisputed testimony by bidders present at the tax sale who witnessed the collector withdraw our tax lien from its otherwise lawful sale, without public announcement on whether its sale would resume, nor when, as demanded by law. The collector admitted to me, years after the tax sale, during the foreclosure process with which the purchaser of our tax lien surprised us, that he had sold our tax lien after tax sale hours and outside of public bidding to a friend of his, who was also uncle to one of the Carlstadt councilmen, because “someone called him on the day of the tax sale”, wanting to “help us retain our interest in our property” by “redeeming our delinquent taxes”… But, since that person never showed up, after the tax sale was over, his friend stopped by to see if there were “any liens left”, and since ours was the only one, the collector sold it to him. How convenient.

    And yet, no court, nor authority, at all, wants to do its job and act against these criminals! My partner is an elderly, ill man, so I guess they are just hoping he’ll die soon… It’s a dark day for America when our authorities abide by public corruption

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