Property Address:  1800 Worcester Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner:  Carlyn J. Johnson, 1400 Patapsco Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

This business and its proprietor was the subject of a 2005 City Paper article, after police raided the illegal gambling club and seized cash, guns, and other property — including the club’s membership roster.  Unfortunately, it’s been a blighted mess ever since — given its location at the end of an industrial street next to the CSX tracks, it’s become a haven for trash dumping and poorly-done gang tags.

The Owl’s Club, raided by BPD in November of 2005, now left as a blighted mess.
Trash dumped at the end of Worcester Street — almost all of the trash is contractor trash. Drywall buckets, bags of construction trash, etc.

10 thoughts to “Former Illegal Gambling Club Now A Blighted Mess

  • Pete from Highlandtown

    Last year, the City instituted a requirement for all haulers to have a $35 a year permit.And also started to charge haulers ,by the pound, for how much they dump at the City Dump . A friend of mine who i haul trash with, went out to get the permit.But a large percentage of haulers started to dump illegally in alleys and vacant lots and in other people’s trash dumpsters .Which is why you see many construction companies like mine, cover thier dumpster with a tarp

    I often go to the City Dump the other day with my friend.And i have noticed that there are fewer people dumping at the City Dump. For every less person that i see at the Dump, thats one more person dumping trash illegally in alleys. The worst hit houses are ones that are near the end of the alley.The haulers will quickly drive into an alley, and throw thier trash over the fence/wall of the first backyard nearest the street. Usually its the second house in that gets hit.Since the truck wants to stay out of sight of the street, So when the truck is in the alley, it allighns itself with the second or third house’s backyard

    I myself think that the City should stop fining people[which they dont even do] and start giving short jail sentences to haulers that dump illegally

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I would love to see the law amended to allow municipalities across the state to send these guys to jail. Sorry, but if you don’t have the money to rent a dumpster and pay for the hauling away — you have no business working as a contractor. I’m really sick and tired of hearing the “boo hoo stories” from contractors who cut corners on permits and dump fees because it’s too expensive. Tough luck.

      Thanks, Pete, for your informative comments — love them!

  • Pete from Highlandtown

    Technically speaking, “dumping” is illegal. But im not sure if anyone has ever been prosecuted for it in Baltimore. Mostof the “dumping” is done by haulers. These are the guys that drive around in small trucks and haul stuff.Many are honest and law abiding.Some arent. Thats not to let the contractors off the hook.When someone offers to haul a load away for a contractor for $50, and the contractor knows that the hauler cant make a profit that way ,unless he is dumping illegally , then the contractor is as guilty as the hauler [morally, if not legally].

  • Pete from Highlandtown

    For th e record, the City now charges by the ton, to dump at the city Dump..With a flat $20 per load charge as well. Me and a friend haul trash for people all of the time.And the City usually charges us about $40-$60 for a pick-up truck load of trash or construction debri.So we have to charge at least $100-$140 to make a profit.

    Anyone that is out there charging $50 or less, is almost definitly dumping illegally. There is no way that they could make a profit otherwise

  • netherstreetart

    those are strait gang tags…not graffiti.

    All i want to do is help by putting artwork up to reinvent the spaces. shame even that is illegal.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      This is true — I’ll go back and change the wording. Not only are they gang tags, they’re REALLY BADLY DONE.

  • sobomeme

    I work on the corner of Worchester and Ridgely, we constantly have problems with dumping in the area and in the rear of our building. City moves very slow unless its Ravens season and then they send the truck to clean the area…we also have homeless living in the property at 1500 Ridgely …a partically demo’ed building. My guess is that it will only get worse after they build the Casino on Russell St.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I find that online 311 complaints get better/faster results than phone calls. Have you tried that yet?

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