Lots of people have been filling out phony mortgage forms — here’s the most recent mortgage scam artist in Maryland…and it didn’t work well for her.

Being a property flipper and tax cheat…that didn’t work well for this couple.

Who knew abandoned homes would be a burden on the fire department? (As an aside, there are close to 40,000 vacant structures in Baltimore City…not the 16,000 as reported in the article.  Out of that 40,000 the City owns approximately 12-15,000 of them.)  Unfortunately, fires in vacant homes occur often in Baltimore.  A man was injured in a vacant home fire earlier this month, and another vacant home was ablaze recently…thankfully nobody was injured.  Bottom line — you can’t begin to fix a problem until you can accept how serious it is.  Until there’s a serious shakeup in our City’s housing agency, and a comprehensive plan in place to deal with this problem — it will continue.  More homes will be lost, as will more lives.