The Baltimore Brew’s newest writer, Danielle Sweeney, did an excellent job of detailing the latest instance of a City Councilperson selling out a constituency for a campaign contribution — in this case a measly thousand bucks — go here to read the article.

In a nutshell, a company (Pompeian Olive Oil) wants to expand its operation in SE Baltimore.  A wonderful thing, to be sure, except doing so would mean taking the land that is currently being used as a neighborhood park.  Many of the neighbors are understandably upset, and have started a petition to save their park.

Some of the comments that follow the article offer some interesting (and in my opinion, viable) alternatives to selling off a park — and selling out a community.

Please sign the petition, or call/email Councilman Brandon Scott and let him know his job is to protect the interests of his constituents, not corporate campaign contributors.