Senate Bill 889 (Baltimore City – Property Taxes – Vacant and Uninhabitable Real Property) has been crossfiled in the House.  HB 1096 is sponsored by Delegates Hammen, Krysiak, and McHale.  Please contact your State Delegates and ask them to vote in favor of this bill.  The bill would allow Baltimore City to charge a higher property tax on vacant and derelict structures in the city, hopefully reducing the number of blighted homes in our neighborhoods.  This is a huge step in finally cleaning up the mess created by slumlords and negligent property owners who, through their negligence, have caused health and safety hazards across our city.

You can read our post on SB 889 here, with more information on the history of this bill and how you can find your legislators.  Also included is a sample letter you can send to your elected officials, asking them to support this bill and SB 889.

Also, as you’re writing to your elected officials asking for their support, don’t forget to send a quick thank you to Senator Della and Delegates Hammen, Krysiak, and McHale for sponsoring legislation that will benefit all law-abiding taxpayers in Baltimore City!

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