You may have already read the devastating news in today’s Baltimore Sun, but just in case you missed it…

The city’s Housing Authority (the agency responsible for Baltimore’s subsidized housing stock) has decided it’s not in its best interest to pay any of the plaintiffs who have won hundreds of millions of dollars in lead paint judgments.

According to Paul Graziano, director of the oft-troubled City agency, “While we are totally sympathetic and sensitive to the situation with respect to each of these families and the children involved, we just have to look at the entire picture before us,” Graziano said. “Every dollar we spend on judgments is one less dollar that is available for major capital needs,” he said, adding that “it would be tragic if this organization were to collapse due to financial insolvency.”

Sorry, but if the Housing Authority “collapsed” it would most likely be as a result of gross mismanagement and negligence by City officials, including the current director.  The policy of a government agency to not compensate people — children — who were harmed by the agency’s poor policies and inability to maintain its properties, goes beyond unacceptable.  In my mind, this is nothing short of criminal.  I am hoping there is a State and Federal investigation into this shameful decision, and the agency’s poor leadership.

Every parent in Baltimore City should be outraged and disgusted — and every parent in Baltimore City should voice that outrage — let Paul Graziano know how you feel about this decision to cheat hundreds of Baltimore City residents out of payment for their medical care and special needs as a result of being exposed to lead paint while living in City-owned housing.

Paul T. Graziano
Executive Director
Housing Authority of Baltimore City
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