Milton Tillman and his son have struck a plea deal with the feds, according to the Maryland Daily Record.  Tillman Jr. is throwing himself on the sacrificial altar so his son can plead to a simple misdemeanor and serve no jail time.  You can also read more about the Tillmans here, and in the Baltimore Crime blog (scroll down to “4 Aces”).

The deadline for public comments on the draft zoning plan for Baltimore City has been extended until February 15, 2011.  You have the opportunity to shape how the city looks — make sure your voice is heard!

A group of property owners have banded together to stop the State Center development project from moving forward — with a lawsuit.

What does your neighborhood really look like?  Use this cool map to find out.

Columbus, Ohio now has a Slumlord Watch — check it out, and if you know people in Columbus, send them the link and tell them to get on board!

A Baltimore City housing inspector is in deep trouble for accepting bribes, according to Peter Hermann in the Baltimore Sun.

It’s almost the end of the year, and the time many of us make our end of the year charitable contributions.  In no particular order, we’d like to offer a few options if you’re in the mood to give:

If you know of other nonprofits we should look at, please let us know!