Politicos tour blighted West Baltimore neighborhood, reports the Baltimore Sun. (Thanks to Reader MS for contributing the link!)

We think this is a really bad idea, and the FHA needs to reconsider.  There’s a reason why “anti-flipping” regulations exist — to ignore them opens a can of worms for homebuyers and tenants.

Homeownership levels at their lowest in 13 years, more declines predicted, says the Census Bureau.  (Link opens a PDF of the press release, you can also download a copy and read about other economic indicators here.)  Some conversation going on about the vacancy rates here, too.  (Thanks to Reader LR for contributing the Boing Boing link!)

The February 10th “Vacants to Values” summit location has changed – it’s now being held at the convention center downtown.  For more info, download this flyer.  (Link opens a PDF)

In Dayton, Ohio, vacant houses provide job experience for ex-offenders.  Since we have no shortage of either in Baltimore, this might be worth looking at duplicating here.

According to one woman, there’s a bright side of blight.