Some interesting things in the news this week, and we wanted to make sure you saw them:

With regard to the Mayor’s flip-flop on the split-rate property tax bill (HB1096/SB889) Senator George Della feels as though he “got sideswiped by a hit-and-run driver”, according to Jamie Smith-Hopkins in the Baltimore Sun.  We think that’s an apt description of how we feel, too.  We also have to wonder how quick Senator Della will be to help a bill along at the behest of the City Council again.  That’s a lot of time and energy spent on something the Mayor voted for while City Council President (link opens a PDF) and then abandoned once she became mayor.

If you live in one of Baltimore’s top two “food deserts” you can now visit a local library and order your groceries online from Santoni’s. Pickup is available from the library the following day.

The Village Voice announced New York’s Ten Worst Landlords — while not Baltimore-related, it’s still a good read.  Rather hair-raising, actually.  Thankfully, none of them seem to be doing business in Baltimore.  We have enough to deal with.

In this week’s City Paper, Ed Ericson talks to former Sun writer Antero Pietila about the history of neighborhood segregation in Baltimore.  What really made our collective heads spin was the fact that if you look at the map from 1937 — the segregated neighborhoods are now the neighborhoods with some of the worst slumlord activity today.  That’s no coincidence, folks, and it also illustrates the point that Baltimore City never seems to learn from its past.  We hope we’re helping on that front, if even in the smallest of ways.