It will be interesting to see how much money is earned on the auction of Baltimore Housing Authority property.  Glad to see someone is fighting to make the agency pay its lead paint settlements.

It’s always fun to read posts or letters in the Baltimore Sun from bad property owners who feel the laws and regulations are unfair.  Perhaps doing the right thing would make things more fair?  Just a suggestion.  And for the record, no, we don’t think the City should be using funds for affordable housing to demolish…housing.

A man in Cleveland decided to shoot a documentary about abandoned homes in that city, as a way to create awareness about the problem.

Apparently, people in Monterey County, California can’t agree on what “homeless” means. I didn’t know there were any grey areas.

The town council of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is smarter than the Baltimore City government.  “A significant relationship exists between vacant buildings and increased calls for service for police services, higher incidence of fires …”  Wish someone in our City Council would publicly say that, and do something about it.

An Ohio Senator wants banks to stop walking away from foreclosures.  Do any Maryland senators want the same?

2 thoughts to “Link Roundup

  • Paul

    I don’t disagree with what is happening to the Housing Authority but would like the leadership there to be held personally finacially accountable since their refusal to pay I’m sure will hold me personally finacially accountable through higher taxes to pay off their debts. Not that it will accutally …

  • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

    The complete lack of accountability is what bothers me. The city’s government has been allowed to operate without penalty for far too long. There’s no way this can continue, not without penalty to taxpayers.

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