$41 million in tax dollars will benefit developers, if BDC and the City has their way.

SE Baltimore will see more low- and very low-income housing, thanks to a grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York.

If one of my children turned up dead in a Baltimore housing project, you’d better believe I’d never give up on finding out what happened.

Baltimore’s Housing Authority posts a puff piece on their website, crowing about their recent victory in court that overturned a lead paint judgement against the agency.  A warning to others who have similar lawsuits against HABC?  Pretty tasteless, any way you look at it.

Baltimore is in dire need of workforce housing — and not just for teachers.  Hopefully this new development will be affordable for more working taxpayers.

A Federal judge has sided with the City of Chicago in its fight to hold banks accountable for maintaining and securing vacant homes.

Editorial in today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer outlines a unified effort to curb Ohio’s vacant home problem.

Other news in Cleveland — Habitat for Humanity is getting ready to foreclose on 25 homes, saying homeowners are 38 to 40 months behind in mortgage payments.

“Occupiers” in Buffalo try to tackle that city’s vacant home problem.

More arson in Detroit — this has been going on for at least two years.  Hopefully the person or people responsible will be caught and held accountable.