Oh boo hoo!  Maryland property managers think it’s too much to pay what amounts to $4 a month for lead paint insurance.  Seems to me it’s cheaper than a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Ohio’s Attorney General designated part of the mortgage lawsuit settlement towards demolishing vacants.  Some say this money should go to homeowners — what do you think?

A California State Senator has introduced a bill that would prohibit landlords in that state from requiring tenants to pay rent via online methods only.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake announces “Get Fresh Lexington” — an initiative to improve healthy food choices at Lexington Market.  Hopefully she also has a strategy for making Lexington Market a safe, pleasant place to shop.  Nobody should have to shove through a sea of junkies, drug dealers, and panhandlers in order to visit the market.  Also, this should be implemented at all of our public markets.

Interesting article about Milwaukee — Property owners as stewards of a community’s vision.  Property owners can be a catalyst and driving force behind the preservation and renewal of neighborhoods.

Cleveland advocates propose an interesting idea to solving the vacant problem:  offer vacant homes to refugees.

Prince George’s County is dealing with a decline in federal funding for foreclosure prevention and community development programs.