Beware the “sovereign citizen” selling a vacant house. ¬†It’s probably not his to sell.

Thieves in Cleveland have been targeting vacant homes — stealing appliances, copper wire — basically anything of value.

The Detroit Free Press did an excellent series on keeping schoolchildren safe on their route to school — something most people take for granted. ¬†Unfortunately, in some major cities — kids have an unsafe walk, passing vacant homes that are a magnet for criminal activity.

Travers and Tremayne Johnson, two brothers who were accused of setting a dog on fire, were found not guilty by a Baltimore jury.

Calgary restaurant owner forced workers to live in filth, fined by the provincial court.

From idea to working app in just 48 hours — a crack team in Omaha came up with some great apps, including “Slumlord Next Door” as a way to let residents rate sanitation/cleanliness of restaurants, rental properties.

BCFD isn’t meeting NFPA standards for response times, according to an article by Baltimore Brew — it’s time for the city government to keep all fire stations and fire companies open.

Alabama real estate “investor” Lawrence B. Stacy plead guilty to municipal auction bid rigging — he will be a guest of the Feds for 6 months, and pay a $10,000 fine.