Almost a year later, I still think this is one of the coolest articles I’ve read in the New York Times — foreclosure foraging.

Suburban homeowners are challenging long-standing zoning laws, turning single-family homes into multi-family dwellings.

Is using eminent domain a good way for municipalities to get vacant homes out of the hands of banks?  Maybe…but not quite.

Yet another reason why we need an audit of all City agencies — how was this allowed to take place?

Two big storms hit Baltimore City, and the mayor and fire chief still want to cut our fire companies?  This doesn’t sit will with the two union presidents, nor should it sit well with residents.

Speaking of Chief Clack, I wonder how he enjoyed his moment in the spotlight at this year’s Firehouse Expo?

Yet another reason to audit Baltimore Housing’s finances. Since they continue to refuse to pay lead paint judgements…where’s the money going?

More on eminent domain and RMBS pools, analysis from Moody’s.

Five more banks are closed by the Feds, bringing the total for 2012 to 38. 

Habitat for Humanity and the Home Depot Foundation expand home renovation program for veterans.

I’d like to see far less “impact assessments” and far more regulations of investor-owned housing.