Weed vigilantes in Detroit clean up their neighborhood, including vacants.

More in Detroit — hundreds of volunteers got together to board up vacants near school routes so kids would be safer.  I would be up for such a project here in Baltimore — any takers?

Charges filed in Patterson Park mortgage fraud case.

Baltimore City has a publication that lists the names, history, and photos of all public landmarks — it’s a little dismaying to see how many of them are actually boarded-up vacants.  (Link will open a PDF).

Energy efficiency comes to an Annapolis public housing project in the form of solar panels.

Speaking of energy efficiency — Have you heard about Retrofit Baltimore?  A project of Civic Works, Retrofit Baltimore is a dual-mission nonprofit — homeowners can make their homes more energy efficient, and residents who need jobs can get the training they need to work on these homes.  It’s a win-win!  Consider attending a community meeting near you to learn more, or make a donation to support their work.

Minneapolis assesses huge fees to owners of vacant blighted property — why isn’t Baltimore doing the same?