What I don’t understand…if the constant violations and fines didn’t work — why didn’t anyone take further action against the property owner — including jail time — before someone died in this fatal fire in NY?

Transit-oriented development is a nice idea — but what does it mean for rural communities?

Speaking of communities — half of Detroit’s property owners don’t pay taxes.  many have given up because they don’t see the value.  Will Baltimore’s residents be far behind?

The Center for Housing Policy recently issued a report that details the obstacles to policies that encourage low-priced housing.  A great read, if you’re into housing policy — but I have to ask — is anyone working on keeping the middle class rooted so they don’t fall down the spiral into poverty?

More on the affordable-housing front — Freddie Mac says their was growth in the rental sector, but it lacks affordability.  As violent crime rises in some Baltimore neighborhoods, will rents go down, opening the door for growth?  Or will some landlords continue to insist their property is worth every penny?

And now that we’re on the subject of money — I found this link via Reader RS — if you’re thinking about signing up for one of those “payday loans” — DON’T DO IT.  You’ll end up down a financial drain faster than you can say “I should have asked my parents for the money.”

Westport residents are suing to ensure the planned casino site is cleaned up per environmental standards.  A hiccup…or a hurdle…for Baltimore’s planned casino development?

Westport residents have another issue to deal with — Pat Turner’s planned development has apparently bit the dust.  Instead of going away quietly, however, Pat Turner has decided to sue his investors.

By now, you’re probably read The Article in the Washington Post that has everyone in Baltimore calling for the author’s untimely demise — honestly…was it really that far off base? If you haven’t already given it a read — please do.  Just don’t shoot the messenger.