Detroit braces for a state takeover, Governor Snyder cites lack of city services to citizens as a catalyst for action.

As much as Baltimore denies its Rust Belt status, looking to other cities like Pittsburgh for ways to revitalize in a sustainable way might be the better route, says an article in Yale’s undergrad journal of politics.

What can you do when your landlord suddenly decides to force you into “instant homelessness”?  If you live in Maryland, the answer isn’t so simple — unless a bill preventing “self-help evictions” passes.

When “affordable housing”…isn’t so affordable.  And what should be done about it?

Bloomberg’s Businessweek, for whatever misguided (idiotic) reason, decided to run an inflammatory cover for its housing issue.  The Washington Post reports on the cover, the actual article, and the fallout.

Baltimore Brew reports on the ongoing saga in Howard Park between Rite Aid, a supermarket chain, and residents.

There are many reasons why people build homes.  For an investment, to live in…and for spite?  There’s a spite house in Baltimore — a “spite apartment building”, actually.  Do you know where it is?

Whether you like them or not, if the Baltimore City Council has its way, your community association may have a bigger say-so in your neighborhood than individual residents.