Lots of fires and injuries as a result of fires this week.  A sampling:

Saturday’s two-alarmer on Falkirk Road forced two people to jump for safety, according to WBAL.

Two firefighters were injured in a fire on W. North Avenue, one received first-degree burns, the other received second-degree burns.  Neither were determined to be life-threatening.

BCFD also responded to a fire in a convenience store, in the 500 block of N Milton Avenue.

Despite their loyal service to the city by the rank and file, BPD and BCFD pensions are still being blamed for the City’s financial woes, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Detroit saw multiple vacant fires last Wednesday night, one neighbor says she’s had enough.

Speaking of Detroit, two children, ages 5 and 1 spent the night in a vacant home with the bodies of their murdered mothers and one other person, according to CBS News.  The women were allegedly shot by one of the women’s ex-boyfriend.

Good news for one Cleveland neighborhood:  50 vacant homes in Slavic Village will be renovated for a cost of approximately $40,000 each, to be sold at a small profit.  A smart strategy to redevelop a neighborhood — perhaps Baltimore should adopt a similar strategy, as $300K rowhomes in marginal neighborhoods don’t seem to be pulling in the homeowners.

Interesting opinion piece by Brent Larkin from the Cleveland Plain Dealer — the demolition of homes in empty neighborhoods is the right solution for East Cleveland.