Delegate Joanne Benson says MDE fined her for two unregistered rental properties because she is “outspoken when it comes to the African-American community in Hagerstown”.

2011 brings new tax reporting requirements for landlords.

New York City denies benefits to see who ends up homeless, in a social experiment gone horribly awry.

Baltimore City has a website for its new “Vacants to Value” program — looks like SCOPE, repackaged.

Speaking of homes in need of repair, Edward Ericson at the City Paper is asking “Where’s The Recovery Money”? We’d like to know, too.

The over-blighted District 9 is in need of a new City Council member.

Also in the Sun, the state has fined Baltimore Behavioral Health for their hiring of Medicaid-cheating doc.  Perhaps they’ll also look into the unregulated “recovery” housing BBH runs in SW Baltimore.

Anne Arundel con artist to be sentenced in March for swindling investors in Baltimore row homes (scroll to the bottom of the page).