Democrats are upset that Obama’s mortgage fraud task force isn’t “doing enough” to combat mortgage fraud and punish those responsible.  I guess they don’t read the dozens of FBI and DOJ press releases I get weekly, detailing the sentences of mortgage fraudsters.  As a non-Democrat, I actually think this is one program that works well.

I’m calling it “Paul Bunyan Syndrome”.  Neighborhoods without trees are linked to higher crime rates, according to a new study published in Landscape and Urban Planning.

Brooklyn, NY man is sentenced to prison after impersonating his dead mother for years, committing mortgage fraud and cashing her Social Security checks.

Suffolk, Virginia demolishes two vacant homes, citing crime and danger to firefighters as reasons to eradicate blight.

Detroit is cutting city services to residents in distressed neighborhoods, in the hopes they’ll move.

Youngstown, OH is seeing an uptick in arson cases — over the past two weeks more than 12 vacant structures have burned.

Firefighters in Huntington, WV let a vacant home burn after being called to the same address multiple times in recent months.

Fire in the 1100 block of Barclay Street in Baltimore may have been arson, according to this Baltimore Sun article.