If you’re at all interested in protecting your family and home, you’ll want to make sure to attend tomorrow’s City Council budget hearing.  City Council President Jack Young will be presenting his budget plan for 2013 — a budget plan that will prevent the unnecessary and irresponsible fire company closures, proposed by Mayor Rawlings-Blake.  

Baltimore, this is your opportunity to make sure your feelings on this subject are heard.  Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc are great — but it’s much harder to ignore taxpayers and others who work, play, and shop in our city when they’re standing in front of you — which is why you need to show up.

Jack Young will be outside City Hall (100 Holliday Street) at 1:00 PM, Thursday, June the 7th for a press conference, and the hearing starts at 2:00 PM.  

If you happen to look at the list of neighborhoods that will be directly impacted by these potential closures and think “Oh well my neighborhood won’t be affected, so I won’t go.”  — please think again.  Surely you leave your neighborhood from time to time, you go to work, you go to the grocery store, etc. Chances are, you will be negatively impacted by one or all of these closures in some way — and you have the opportunity to take a stand and speak out against these foolish cuts to our fire department!  Take this opportunity to prove that Baltimore does care about its neighborhoods and its firefighters.

If you absolutely cannot attend, please take a moment and email your City Council representative, and let them know you’re not willing to allow these cuts to happen — that you value your home, yourself, your family, and your neighbors.  If you don’t know who your representative is, please click here.

Thank you!