From the OAG:

Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler announced today that the Securities Division has issued a Summary Order to Cease and Desist against Diversified Marketing Consultants, Inc., d/b/a DMC and ShopD2Z, Lamondes D. Williams, and related entities Digital Zone Electronics Warehouse and Mainline Properties LLC, all operating in the metro-Baltimore area. They have been ordered to cease and desist violating Maryland’s securities laws by operating a fraudulent investment scheme that offered “employment” in a venture to recruit others, with the promise of profit and the use of an apartment for a year.

Mainline Properties, LLC, while not in good standing with the State of Maryland, is still an active corporation.  Another company with the name “Mainline Properties” and shares the same address as Mainline Properties, LLC, is also operating under an active corporate charter, and purports to be owned by “Mainline Property & Collection Services”.  All of the “Mainline” companies seem to be controlled by a “Lucillious D. Williams” (interesting to note he shares the same birthday with “Lamondes D. Williams”).

According to the OAG, Lamondes Williams and others brought in almost a million dollars as a result of the fraud.  We applaud Douglas Gansler and his Securities Division for putting these people out of business, and hopefully into jail where they belong.