MDE’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program serves as the coordinating agency of statewide efforts to eliminate childhood lead poisoning. Under the 1994 “Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing Law,” MDE assures compliance with mandatory requirements for lead risk reduction in rental units built before 1950, maintains a statewide listing of registered and inspected units, and provides blood lead surveillance through a registry of test results of all children tested in Maryland. The following actions were for properties alleged to be out of compliance with lead risk reduction standards:

The property owners named were:

Linwood Stevens, Jr.:  Two properties totalling $33,000 in violations.

Baboolal Collins: Two properties totalling $21,000 in violations.

Debra Laubach:  Eighteen properties (not all in Baltimore City) totalling $44,000 in violations.

As usual, we congratulate Secretary Shari T. Wilson and her staff for the hard work they perform on behalf of the citizens of Baltimore City.  Lead paint poisoning is one of the leading causes of health problems in Baltimore’s children.