I came across this link from photographer Kevin Bauman and wanted to share it with our readers — 100 Abandoned Houses.  More art than advocacy, he manages to capture the downtrodden soul of these structures.  We’re also quite fond of Abandoned America.

Detroit mayor Dave Bing has promised to demolish 3,000 vacant structures before the end of 2010 — you can find the first 500 to be demolished by following this link.  Indianapolis has instituted a similar program.  A shame that Baltimore hasn’t followed suit.

From Baltimore Housing, a new carbon monoxide detector law went into effect March 1.  Hopefully Baltimore landlords paid attention.

Great news from the Maryland Court of Appeals:

The Maryland Court of Appeals found [March 23, 2010] in a 5-2 opinion in a lead paint case that an individual member of a Maryland limited liability corporation (LLC) can be personally liable for torts personally committed on behalf of the LLC.

You can read the Court opinion here. (Link opens a PDF).

Slumlords Harvey Nusbaum and Jack Stollof are to be sentenced in May for their participation in a tax sale bid-rigging scheme.