According to a recent Baltimore Sun article, Chief James Clack has proposed moving Truck 10 to Lafayette and Edmonson Avenue, or Engine 8 from their current firehouse in Sandtown-Winchester, to the East side of Baltimore.  Moving Truck 10 would leave a gap in secondary coverage for SW Baltimore (due to longer response times), and moving Engine 8 would leave a large area of the city with no fire engine, and therefore no ability to fight a fire.

If you recall, last year Chief Clack’s grand plan was to close Truck 15 and Squad 11 on the East side to save money — apparently that didn’t work out so well, and now West side residents are being asked to possibly sacrifice their homes and health in order to make up for the last set of irresponsible cuts.

If you live in one of the following neighborhoods, you need to demand better from our city government:

Allendale, Beechfield, Booth Boyd, Carroll-South Hilton, Dickeyville, Edmonson Village, Fairmount, Franklintown, Gwynns Falls, Hunting Ridge, Irvington, Mill Hill, Morrell Park, Mount Holly, Oaklee, Rognel Heights, Rosemont, Saint Agnes, St. Josephs, Shipley Hill, Ten Hills, Tremont, Uplands, Violetteville, Wakefield, Walbrook, West Hills, Westgate, Winchester, Yale Heights*

Just to put this into a broader perspective and show how many residents could be affected by longer response times, here are some scary statistics:

  • There are 56,549 people who live in this geographic area.  That’s almost 10% of the city’s overall population.*
  • Of these people, 7,770 of them are senior citizens (65+ years of age).*
  • 13,876 children will also be put at an increased risk if Chief Clack has his way.*

City Council President Jack Young has admonished Chief Clack on more than one occasion about his reluctance to fight for a fully-funded fire department — now it’s time for you to act.  Email, call, and fax Chief Clack and tell him you expect full coverage for your neighborhood and YOUR homes and your families are more important than our Fire Chief trying to save face and make up for last year’s cuts.

James S. Clack, Chief
Baltimore City Fire Department
Phone: (410) 396-3083
Fax: (410) 625-2699
Mailing Address: 401 East Fayette St., Baltimore, MD 21202
E-mail: [email protected]

Aren’t you and your family worth the five minutes it will take to let Chief Clack know how you feel about closing fire companies?

Also, email and call Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake –you have the right, as a resident of this city, to be protected!

[email protected]
Phone:  (410) 396-3835
Fax:  (410) 576-9425

If you want a more complete demographic overview for each neighborhood listed, download this PDF file.

*Sources:  Baltmore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance, Baltimore City Fire Department, Baltimore City Department of Planning, US Census Bureau