Finally the split-rate property tax bill is coming to the Maryland Senate for a vote.  Now is the time to contact your legislators and let them know that as a taxpaying law-abiding property owner, you think slumlords and other negligent property owners should have to pay a higher price for their unlawful behavior.

This bill would increase the Baltimore City property tax rate for those who fail to comply with the minimum standards, and leave their properties vacant and blighted.

Send a message to the Maryland Senate, and let them know the situation in Baltimore City is intolerable, and our law-abiding residents deserve better.  Tell them to vote yes on SB 889!  Many thanks to Senator Della for sponsoring this bill.

You can read more about the history of the bill here:

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If you need help finding the legislators for your district, please go here.

If you need a sample letter to send to your legislators, please go here. (Letter is in MS Word format).

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