Quite a few slumlords have been in the news lately — Jack W. Stollof, Harvey Nusbaum, and now…Karla Porter.

You may remember hearing about Karla Porter on the news — she stands accused of hiring five people to murder her husband at his Hess gas station in Baltimore County.

Turns out, she’s also a slumlord.  She and her husband own eight properties in East Baltimore, two with open housing violations:  3033 E. Monument Street, and 2901 McElderry Street.

In other crime news, the twins arrested for a series of home burglaries in Southeast Baltimore were on the radar of a handful of  Patterson Park residents.  Sources tell us that complaints were filed with the owner of the home the twins lived in with regard to criminal activity.  The owner of the property, Harbor House Builders, (through its parent company, Grady Management) denied having the twins as tenants, and then promptly moved the two criminals to another Patterson Park home on Clinton Street.  Harbor House Builders and Grady Management are located in Silver Spring, MD — a suburb of Washington, DC.  Yet another example of an out-of-town “investor” not caring about the community where they do business.