The Baltimore Sun reports that a Baltimore City landlord, Cephus Murrell, was jailed for continued multiple lead paint violations.

The jailing, only the second time a landlord has been incarcerated for violating the state’s lead paint poisoning law, came after years of enforcement actions by the state, including repeated citations and at least $30,000 in fines, said Horacio A. Tablada, land management director for the Maryland Department of the Environment.

We applaude the MDE for this action, and hope this is a sign that they’re willing to step up enforcement actions against scofflaw landlords.  You can read the rest of the article here.

4 thoughts to “Stepping Up Enforcement?

  • Joe Enforcement

    MDE has been seeking actions against property owners since ’96. There is nothing new to report. If an owner wants to come into compliance they should call 410-537-4199 to register all Pre 1950 Rental units and ask how to obtain compliance with the Full Risk Reduction Laws. If not, you may end up like Cephus spending Christmas in Jail.

    • slumlordwatch

      You’re absolutely right — MDE has been all over this issue (as well as water and air quality issues) for many years. We’re huge fans of MDE (and hate that Secretary Wilson is leaving!) and commend everyone who works hard to keep the citizens of Maryland safe from polluters and bad property owners!

      And to anyone who is reading this, and thinks the guy is joking when he says you could spend Christmas in jail…he’s not joking. MDE isn’t messing around.

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