Last night, 1125 Carroll Street in the Washington Village neighborhood was raided by police.  According to a source, among the items seized were a Glock 26, a ski mask, heroin, crack in vials, and large bags of marijuana.  Sources also tell us 1125 Carroll Street has been a problem house for quite some time, one saying that it’s “the worst house in the neighborhood” — again, it’s a great example of yet another property owned by an out-of-town slumlord who doesn’t care about the havoc their tenants wreak on the neighbors.

Property Owner:  Laura Roytman, c/o GBI Property Management, LLC, PO Box 245, Abingdon, Maryland 21009.

Resident Agent for GBI Property Management, LLC:  Igal Nidam, 17 Forest Drive, Bel Air, MD 21014.

Igal Nidam has been the subject of multiple foreclosures, most notably, he was sued in 2007 by “Jack & Harvey, Inc.” — Jack Stollof and Harvey Nusbaum, two slumlords about to be sentenced in Federal court for tax-auction bid rigging.

Mr. Nidam has also been the subject of a condemnation lawsuit brought by the City for his neglect of a property located in Patterson Park Middle East. (Thanks to a reader for pointing out our mistake.)

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