Today is the grand re-opening of the Walbrook fire station, one of three fire stations that had been part of a rotating closure plan, implemented by the city in order to save money.

What they haven’t bothered to tell residents, however, is the fact that they’re reopening the fire station, but they’re removing Engine Company 20 from the Walbrook station. Fire stations have three vital pieces of equipment:  Engine, Truck, Medic.

ENGINE= Water to fight fire.

TRUCK= Ladder to rescue people/lift firemen to fight fires on upper floors.

MEDIC= Emergency medical service.

The removal of Engine Company 20 from the Walbrook station puts residents at greater risk for more property damage, and worse — a higher risk for loss of life.  This is unacceptable, and no taxpaying resident should accept this.  Contact your City Council Representative and let them know ALL lives are important, otherwise you will be reading more stories like this one.

If you live in the following neighborhoods, you will be affected:

  • Bridgeview/Greenlawn
  • Coppin Heights
  • Easterwood
  • Evergreen Lawn
  • Franklin Square
  • Harlem Park
  • Midtown-Edmonson
  • Mondawmin
  • Mosher
  • Panway/Braddish Avenue
  • Parkview/Woodbrook
  • Penn-North
  • Penrose
  • Poppleton
  • Sandtown-Winchester
  • Towanda-Grantley
  • West Arlington
  • Fallstaff
  • Forest Park
  • Glen Hanlon
  • Burleith-Leighton
  • Callaway-Garrison
  • Cheswolde
  • Cross Country
  • Dolfield
  • Dorchester Glen
  • Park Circle
  • Langston-Hughes
  • Reisterstown Circle
  • Garwyn Oaks
  • Howard Park

By the way –if you happened to see coverage of the fire station reopening on the news, the personnel you see on Engine 20…are stand-ins.  They closed another fire station and brought over firefighters from another company — you know, for the cameras.  Once the cameras stopped rolling, the firefighters went back to their home station.  Engine Company 20 is closed, folks.