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Take it to the Blogs!

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The Reconstruction of American Journalism

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A Tale of Two Reports:  Part II, Just what kind of journalism are we trying to construct here?

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Best Citizen Journalism
Meet the Local Blogger:  Baltimore Slumlord Watch

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Collapsed Fells Point Building Spills Onto Eastern Avenue

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Q&A:  Baltimore Slumlord Watch

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Peoples Choice Award

Baltimore Open Government 2011 Year In Review

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The Road Less Travelled:  Abandoned Streets and Overgrown Avenues

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Baltimore Has Decided Some Neighborhoods Just Aren’t Worth Saving

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On Data, Dilapidation, and Defiance

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Slumlord Justice

Technically Baltimore

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Art aimed to shame:  activist and street artist team up on vacants

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Illegal street art calls out owners of Baltimore’s vacant properties

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How Keeping Track of Slumlords Became One Woman’s Full-Time Job

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Street Art Finds a Vacant Home

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City demolishing two vacants — and the pointed mural activists painted on them.

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Baltimore Activists Use Art And The Web To Fight Blight

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Restoring Baltimore With Some Tough Love

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Group targets vacants with art, activism

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The Sun’s Credulous Take on Stanley Rochkind

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Urban Artillery

Marc Steiner Show
September 6, 2013

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America’s Housing Nightmare: Urban Blight in Baltimore

Voice of Russia
America’s Housing Nightmare: How Do You Fix Urban Blight?

Voice of Russia
America’s Housing Nightmare: Churches and Urban Blight

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Street Art and Activism With ‘The Slumlord Project’ In Baltimore (In Spanish)
Arte callejero para denunciar las decenas de miles de casas que se caen a pedazos en Baltimore

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The Hunt for Baltimore’s Slumlords

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Slumlord Watch Blogger Targets Urban Blight in Baltimore

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2015 Resolution for Baltimore: Affordable Housing for Working Families