Property address:  1224 W. Ostend Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner:  Doorpost Properties, LLC, 1321 Dillon Heights Road, Baltimore, MD 21228

Registered Agent for Doorpost Properties:  Michael Muse, 1321 Dillon Heights Road, Baltimore, MD 21228

City Council District and Contact: 9th District, Agnes Welch

Many properties on this stretch of Ostend Street have either been rehabbed, or are in the process.  One was demolished, due to community pressure.  The WVDA folks have been taking care of the trash problem.  It would seem that Ostend Street is improving — except for a few blighted properties, including this one:

Front of 1240 Ostend Street
Front of 1224 W. Ostend Street
1240 Ostend Street, Rear.
1224 W. Ostend Street, Rear.