Property address: 14 S. Schroeder Street, Baltimore, MD 21223

Property owner:  The Frederick Avenue Development Corporation, 1023 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21223

Registered agent for The Frederick Avenue Development Corporation:  See below, as this “corporation” seems to have never been registered with the State of Maryland.

City Council District and contact:  9th District, Agnes Welch

This property has been under its current ownership for approximately ten years, and is clearly in a derelict state.  The current owner, the Frederick Avenue Development Corporation remains a bit of a mystery, as a search of state corporation records yielded nothing, as did a phone call to the state agency in charge of corporate taxation.

We find this property to be particularly disturbing because of two things:  It’s in the 9th City Council District, which appears to contain a vast majority of the homes we receive emails about.  We’d certainly like to know what Agnes Welch is doing about the problem, especially since her constituents are pretty vocal about this issue.  The other thing that bothers us about this property is the fact that it sits on a block that contains some rather interesting rehabs and older lived-in homes.  Why should anyone have to live with this as a neighbor?

Front off 14 S. Schroeder Street
Front of 14 S. Schroeder Street