Property address:  1521 McHenry Street, Baltimore, MD 21223

Property owner:  CE Realty, LLC, 3210 Labyrinth Road, Baltimore, MD 21208

Registered agent for CE Realty, LLC:  Ephraim Weingarten, 3210 Labyrinth Road, Baltimore, MD 21208

City Council district and contact:  District 9, Agnes Welch

Only one of many boarded-up blighted homes in the 1500 block of McHenry Street in Southwest Baltimore.  Despite numerous emails to Agnes Welch’s office, we have never received the courtesy of a response when we’ve inquired about her plans to improve her district. The property owner has been involved in the usual slumlord legal stew of injunctions, failure to maintain his property, etc.

1521 McHenry Street
1521 McHenry Street