Property Address: 1609 Spence Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner: EH Pooled 910, LP, 1901 W Braker Lane, Suite D200, Austin, TX 78758

Registered Agent for EH Pooled 910, LP: Company is not registered in the state of Maryland.  See this link for corporate officers and other contact information.  Also see Econohomes.

City Council District and Contact: District 10, Ed Reisinger

State Senator: Verna Jones Rodwell

State Delegates: Keith Haynes, Keiffer Mitchell Jr, Melvin Stukes

1609 Spence Street
1609 Spence Street

An email from a neighbor regarding this neglected property:

We have a fairly large streak of at least ten homeowners on our 1600 block of Spence Street in Morrell Park that have taken excellent care of their properties–who have been striving to improve the neighborhood and make it home. Sadly, it barely shows. You see, we have a very bothersome problem in our neighborhood in the form of an abandoned house, located at 1609 Spence. A rotting, sloppy, empty, single family house on a large lot, SMACK in the middle of our block. Our block is defined by this one eyesore, instead of by the fruits of the hard-working people that live around it.

Sadly, this is a common story in Baltimore — decent people trying to make improvements to their neighborhood or their block, and one negligent property owner refuses to take responsibility for their eyesore. The overgrown weeds and vines, along with the boarded up windows on just one home can bring down an entire community. My guess is the folks who run the company that should be taking care of this property wouldn’t want this eyesore next to them — so why should the decent people in Morrell Park have to deal with it?

Update: Apparently Econohomes is claiming they don’t own the property (see comments section), and sold it in 2011.  Odd they could sell a house in 2011 when they didn’t purchase it until August of 2012. (Link opens a PDF).