Property Address:  2205 and 2207 Orleans Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

Owner of 2205 Orleans Street:  Group One Financial Holdings, LLC, 543 Sanford Place, Baltimore, MD 21217 (Corporation is not in good standing with the State of Maryland)

Resident Agent for Group One Financial Holdings, LLC:  Carol Scruggs, 543 Sanford Place, Baltimore, MD 21217

Owner of 2207 Orleans Street:  Skyline NH Res 5, LP, 901 N Milton Ave #330, Baltimore, MD 21205

Resident Agent for Skyline: Regan Harycki, Skyline Properties Management, LLC, 901 N Milton Ave, Suite 330, Baltimore, MD 21205

City Council District and Contact:  District 13, Warren Branch

2205 and 2207 Orleans Street