Property address:  26 N. Curley Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Property owner:  Joshua Adam Wodka, 2601 E. Fairmount Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224

Baltimore City Council district and contact:  District 1, Jim Kraft

City Housing Code Enforcement Attorney and contact:  Evan Helfrich, evan.helfrich AT

This house is missing a roof and is boarded on both sides. The previous owner (Jesse Wodka) was taken to court in July 2008, but the case was dismissed after Jesse sold the house to another Wodka family member.  Apparently, Evan Helfrich never refiled a complaint against Joshua Wodka, despite the fact that no work has been done on this property since it was first cited.

26 N. Curley Street

Rear of 26 N. Curley Street