Property Address:  2702 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD 21215

Property Owner:  Bar El Real Estate, LLC, 4518 Beech Road #335, Temple Hills, MD 20748 (Corporation not in good standing)

Registered Agent for Bar El Real Estate:  Alton Ellzy, Jr., same address.

Baltimore City Council District and Contact:  District 7, Belinda Conaway

2702 Reisterstown Road

At the corner of Liberty Heights Avenue and Reisterstown Road, this house sticks out like a sore thumb, despite being situated in a neighborhood with more than its fair share of blighted homes.  A wonderful example of Baltimore architecture, it’s a shame to see this home in its present condition — it needs to be condemned and demolished.  I’m sure at one time it was a beautiful home — now it’s just an eyesore, long abandoned and neglected by a series of owners, including its current owner — Alton Ellzy, Jr.  Mr. Ellzy is the subject of multiple civil lawsuits in a few jurisdictions, not just Baltimore City.  We hope Belinda Conaway will pay close attention to this, and make sure this slumlord is fined.