Property Address: 3 S Robinson Street, Baltimore, MD 212224

Property Owner: CFL Holdings, LLC, 3311 Richmond Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21213

Resident Agent for CFL Holdings, LLC: Marta Lopushanska Durkee, 3311 Richmond Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21213

City Council District and Contact:  District 1, Jim Kraft

3 S. Robinson Street
3 S. Robinson Street, rear

The previous owner, Kevin E. Byrd (The Signature Group of Baltimore), lost this property and 8 S Robinson St to foreclosure.  Prior to the foreclosures, he rented these properties to tenants who were engaged in drug activity and partners in the drug trade.  One of the former tenants at 8 S Robinson, Bryant Worrell, was shot and killed by a police officer after he refused an order to surrender a handgun (he tried fleeing after the officer discovered the gun during a patdown).  A few weeks later, 3 and 8 S Robinson St were simultaneously raided by the Southeast PD drug squad and subsequently padlocked under the nuisance abatement law.  Prior to Mr. Byrd’s involvement with The Signature Group, he was an HABC inspector.